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The Strung Out Junkie


The Simple Sculpin

I tie flies to catch fish (not fishermen).  Often it's the impressionistic ones that bring the most and largest fish to the hook.  That's definitely the case with the Simple Sculpin.  

First tied in the early fall of 2011, this fly earned a spot in my fly box after just one trip.  In a two-hour float down the Saluda I caught a 3 lb. largemouth bass, about a half dozen striped bass up to about 6 lbs., and a 16'' rainbow trout - all on my 5 wt. Axiom, and all on the same tan Simple Sculpin.

 16'' Saluda rainbow caught on a tan Simple Sculpin

 22'' Rainbow caught on tan Simple Sculpin - Raven's Fork
Cherokee, NC

A yarn tail and head make this fly a tough, durable sculpin imitation.  Tied on a stout #4 O'Shaughnessy hook with brass eyes for weight, a bit of braided tinsel for a belly, and some fine shredded tinsel down the sides for flash, this fly catches everything in all kinds of water conditions.  Tie some up today or order them here.  They work on all fish species that eat minnows whether or not sculpins are present where you fish.

 26'' Congaree River rockfish on black Simple Sculpin

Simple Sculpins
$3.00 Each
Golden Cream
Light Chartreuse Green

Wobbling Whiplash Worm

The secret to this fly is the wobble cap that loosely fits just behind the eye of the hook.  When you pull it through the water the cap makes the it wobble with a random erratic action that makes the whole fly shake and kick.  The cap also produces attention grabbing vibrations as it knocks against the hook shank.  You'll actually feel the vibrations through the rod tip as you retrieve the fly making it the fly rodders answer to a rattle trap, spinnerbait, or buzzbait.  

Tied on a size 3/0 hook, this is not a fly meant for small fish.   
Order now to be ready for the spring run!

 $5.00 Each

The Wobble Bugger

A smaller cousin to the worm, this fly can be used to target trout, bass, crappies, smaller rockfish, and many other panfish.  Tied on size 2 hooks, these customized crystal buggers may give you the edge over your buddy on your next fishing trip.

$3.50 Each

The Whiplash Crawfish

With spring just around the corner you've got to have a few of these in your fly box!  Pre-spawn largemouth bass will be on the prowl along the edges of ponds, creeks, and lakes soon and this fly imitates just what they are looking for - an easy-to-catch high-protein meal!  

Tied with a wire weed guard, this fly is meant to be cast into the deep structure where the big ones hide.

 6.6 lb. largemouth, Lake Murray

Available in brown, red, green, black, and purple - more colors soon to come.  To order multiple flies and/or colors, contact Mike at

 The Whiplash Crawfish: $5.00 each


The Craft Fur Minnow

A great all-around light streamer pattern to imitate small minnows and shad. Easy to cast on rod weights 6 and up, this fly can be used to catch smallmouth, largemouth, and striped bass, large bream, crappie, jackfish, and even trout!

Available in a blue/chartreuse/white color pattern in hook size #4 or shad color - all white with dark green or blue/black back. Custom colors available on request.

Craft fur minnows are sold in 3, 6, or 12 packs.  For custom orders or other quantities please contact Mike at

Small Craft Fur Minnow: $2.50 each


Small Craft Fur Minnow (#4 - blue/chartreuse/white)

Large Craft Fur Minnow: $3.00 each

Large Craft Fur Minnow (#2 - shad)